Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring offers superior strength and durability

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Laminate floors are being manufactured in the wood styles and tones that people have preferred for generations. Rare woods, Heart Pine, Antique Barn Oak and Historic American Chestnut can all be found at Sail On Carpets.


The melamine surfaces used on today’s laminates get its incredible durability from aluminum oxide which provides unsurpassed wear and stain resistance. The super strong, high-density fiberboard used in today’s laminates helps withstand denting from even the heaviest piano.


No floor comes closer to true maintenance free performance. Ordinary vacuuming or sweeping is usually all it takes. Juice, wine, grease and chocolate are easily wiped away. Cigarette burns, asphalt, shoe polish, paint, ink, crayon, and nail polish wipe clean with alcohol or nail polish remover. Candle wax and chewing gum can be gently scraped away.

Mannington natural mountain ash


A low luster wood-grained, textured surface gives laminate floors the best and longest lasting appearance. Laminates with natural stone and ceramic looks are also popular. With rich, durable texture, some of the most beautiful stone and ceramic styles are available in laminate.


Laminate floors are designed to be laid as a floating floor above your existing floor (except carpeting) without nails. Laminate glue is used between the planks in the joints, which fit tightly together with precise tongue and groove design. The padding used is a very dense and thin foam which keeps moisture from rising from the sub floor. The foam padding also allows for walking comfort, added heat insulation and dampens noise.

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